Far-long ago, in a distant space-time, a n0thing exploded over eons,
{ rippling into the here-now. }

Over billions of years, anxious bits vibrated into "being", in every direction stacking and multiplying, creating branches of { Unimportance }, of complexity and necessity, until, eventually, that explosion became themselves. It could See, it could finally touch its self, and in some future time, it even came to Know itself, to remember its own birth. Imagine, the grand thing recognizing itself at every resolution, peeking into its own belly button until it shoves itself in and turns itself out...it wants to know itself as "we" want to know our "selves", Our arms and legs — the Mother's arms and legs.

Seeing that you have traversed the black hole's event horizon, you are irrevocably obliged to enter the singularity & pass through the Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

This expedition will not be effortless;
please take it upon yourself to view the
{ Instructions for Safe Passage }
Dear Alice,
Welcome to the Operating System. We hope you'll feel welcome, estranged, confused, intrigued, transcendent, and sublime.

The Operating System is quite simple to navigate: the { bold, italic texts } in curly brackets are links. Please don't hesitate to visit them should you feel lost, inquisitive, dense, or even perspicacious — they help to tell a story that is otherwise unfolded via the imagery & writings.

If you'd like to make some sense of all this, you might find it helpful to view the source.

To do so: press ctrl+u, right-click, or however it is you go about reading code in your particular browsing mechanism. You will find that the nomenclature here is a bit peculiar, but that all is aptly labeled so that you might have a unique and extraordinary learning experience.
We stepped out of the { chemical soup }
Your father was a space rock;
you were born a cosmonaut.
You are a cosmic accident —
a system of instructions, achieving self-recognition. You are nature looking in, at once mundane and sublime.
They say that no man is an island, { and yet }.
suggests that the system computing the universe must be the size of the universe itself.
There is nothing else here, Alice. Go home.
{ Unless... }

About the Artist:
Like you, Olena Shmahalo is an Operator:
a polyfunctional compound, a homo universalis.

My work & other inquiries: olenashmahalo at gmail.

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